...kettle, I just need to decide what to do with it, haha. Seriously though, I just bought a new 15 gallon kettle from Spike Brewing. It's a very nice kettle for the price, but I need to decide what to use it for. It's going to become either a new mash tun, or a new electric kettle. As a mash tun, it would replace my beat up 48qt cooler. As a kettle it would replace my beat up 32qt aluminum pot. I do plan on replacing both at some point, but I'm not sure which to do first. For now, enjoy the stainless bling pictures.

With my last couple beers being high gravity/high alcohol IPAs, and the next few beers planned are high alcohol IPAs, I need to squeeze in a beer that's a little more drinkable. It's been almost a year since I last brewed my Pale Ale, so I figured I would knock out a batch before my Fiance and I run back to California again this weekend. It just so happened that August (Owner of our Crossfit gym) picked up a Kegerator for the gym a few days ago. So I made this a 12 gallon batch, rather than the 6 gallons planned, so that we have beer on tap at the gym in a few weeks.

 **Update** I brewed an updated clone here. It's dead on. Use that one.

It's been awhile since my last post, but I've got a good one for today. Ahh, Pliny the Younger... This beer is like the mystical unicorn to me. I would still love to try it some day, but I've yet to talk myself into making the trek to Santa Rosa in February. So, I decided to brew a clone. The only unfortunate part is, I won't know how close the clone is, since I've never had the real thing. I've had the Elder so I do have something to go off of, but we're still shooting in the dark here. Maybe I'll build up the guts to send a bottle to Vinnie. Anyway, on to the recipe formulation.

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