Well, the big day has finally come and gone, and we're officially married. It's sort of funny how months and months of hard work culminate into one night that goes by in what seems like a flash. Nevertheless, we had an absolutely amazing weekend that we'll never forget. Vows were said, beers were drank, and laughs were had. Seeing as this is a homebrewing blog, we should probably talk about the beer. I won't get into too many details about each recipe, as each will have a dedicated post, but let's cover some of the fun of brewing for a wedding.

It's finally time to get cracking with the batches of beer for my wedding. For the first beer, I wanted something light and approachable, but still something very flavorful. I flipped through my brewing notebook, looking at past batches, hoping something with strike a chord.  Sure enough, a batch from last spring was exactly what I was looking for, my Hoppy Summer Wheat.

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