As I mentioned in my Micro Pale Ale post, we've got a big party coming up very soon, and I need to get some beers cranked out fast. All my friends will definitely expect a good IPA on tap, but I need something I can turn out in three weeks flat. After flipping through some past recipes, I realized the Blind Pig clone I brewed awhile back would be a good fit. It's a little lower in alcohol than the typical IPA, and the bright crisp hop notes taste good even when the beer is young.

In keeping with my current trend of brewing a low-gravity session beer every few batches, I'm brewing this to kick off a set of beers with WLP090. I wanted to do something a little different this time, so I'm going to brew a very low gravity American Pale Ale. It'll be something similar to Lagunitas Daytime IPA, or even Firestone's Mission St. Pale ale, only smaller yet.The goal is to keep the OG at or around 1.035, but hop this beer as I would a 1.055 Pale Ale.

I'm a member at a local Crossfit gym. As every Crossfit affiliate is independently owned and operated, there are some awesome ones, and less than awesome ones. I'm really thankful to be part of an awesome one, and an awesome one that loves craft beer. East Valley Crossfit hosts a Crossfit or lifting event a few times per year, and whenever feasible, I try to brew a batch for those events.

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