Here's a consolidated list of the recipes I've posted:

Citra Double IPA
2016 Mellow Midnight - Imperial Stout
Fresh Squeezed Clone
Pliny the Elder 4.0

German Kolsch
American Amber Ale & Equinox Hops
Enjoy By 12.25.14
Micro Pale Ale 3.0
Coffee Milk Stout
Pumpkin Porter
American Amber Ale

Russian Imperial Stout
So. Hemi Pale Ale
Scottish 70/-
Bertus IPA
Milk Chocolate Stout
Micro Pale Ale 2.0
Wedding Batch #3: Enjoy By 09.28.13
Wedding Batch #2: California Love
Wedding Batch #1: Hoppily Ever After
Enjoy By - Revisited
Pliny the Elder Clone 3.0
California Common
'Red' Honey Blonde Ale
Blind Pig 2.0
Micro APA
East Valley Crossfit IPA
Stone Enjoy By IPA Clone
Chocolate Coffee Stout
American Amber 3.0
Scottish 60/-
Pliny The Younger 2.0
Union Jack Clone
Contrast of Citra and Mosaic (IPA)
Standard Bitter

Farmhouse Saison
Blind Pig IPA Clone
Scottish 70/-
Kiernan's Blonde Ale
American Stout
Pliny The Elder Clone
Double Jack Clone
American Amber Ale
It's the Great Oaked Pumpkin Ale
Citra Burst Pale Ale
Ein GroƟ Bier (Helles)
East Valley IPA
American Altbier
Power Outage Blonde
Ruination 10th Anniversary Clone
Bertus Pale Ale
Pliny The Younger Clone
Four Peaks Hop Knot Clone
Hoppy Summer Wheat
HBC342(Experimental) Pale Ale
Black Rye West Coast IPA
Dogfish 120 Minute IPA Clone -- Additional 120 Minute Tips
American Amber Ale -- Taste Update
Bertus Porter -- Taste Update
Foreign Extra Stout -- Taste Update

Special Bitter
Honey Blonde
Furry Penguin DIPA


  1. Would love to see a post on preferred practices for kegging and carbonating. Love the blog, thanks and keep it up.

    1. That's a good idea, ill out it on my short-list.

  2. From the looks of 1012 you have really been enjoying yourself :) Here's my fun :)

    1. Hopefully I can brew at least that much again this year =) Nice blog btw.

  3. Love this Blog Scott... Wondering if you have ever had Founders double trouble. It is a beer i have tried to clone a few times, without much success.. Seems like your pretty on it with some of your clones, and I myself have takin on few of your recipes. thx for the huge info source and time it takes to get this stuff up and for all to see...

  4. Morning Scott...Thanks for all the info you've put together...I have used your ideas religiously...

    I have a question regarding the gelatin fining process...I've used this for the last 23 brews, I have one that seems to be stuck. Dropped in the gelatin mixture about 8 days ago in a 6 gallon batch. It's cleared
    about 4 inches so far and doesn't appear it wants to go down any further. Any suggestions? If email os preferred,

    Thanks, Rick

    1. I've had a few batches where that's happened, and I've yet to figure out why. I'm not sure if those were the times I was off on the gelatin/water ratio, or maybe it had something to do with the malt in that beer. I have no idea.

      The gelatin has already dropped out, so feel free to keg/bottle the beer at this point. It just might remain hazy...

  5. PLEASE hurry up and write that Baby RuinTen DIPA!!! I'm on board just from the title alone! Cheers!

    1. Very soon. I'm almost done writing the next 2-3 posts.

    2. I'm just being impatient. A lot goes into your posts and I for one appreciate that especially seeing as you have a life outside of this blog. Looking forward to it.

  6. Hey man do you think you'll ever brew a Deschutes clone? Im fairly new to brewing and I wish I knew how to dissect clone recipes so well. They give you the ingredients to a lot of their beers on their website but leave out some crucial information. Thanks!

    1. Which beer? I've been thinking about trying to brew something like Fresh Squeezed for a little while now.

    2. that would be awesome! Heres what they give you for that beer on their website.

      Like I said they give you quiet a bit of information I just have no clue how to begin the amounts of ingredients, temperature and the times.

  7. Quick question for you, Scott - how long do you normally cold-crash a keg before adding the gelatin? Loving your blog, by the way! After 20 years of extract & specialty grain brewing, I have finally made the jump to all-grain, and I'm finding a ton of helpful information (and awesome recipes) in your blog. Thanks!

  8. Hi Scott. I just graduated from extract to BIAB. Thanks for the recipes and the insight. It is appreciated. I will be trying your choc/coffee stout with some coffee from a local roaster here in Baltimore. Thanks again.

  9. Ever thought about a Jai Alai Clone?


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