Union Jack. Probably my favorite beer in the country. It's over-the-top hoppy, but in a floral and sweet citrus sort of way. It has a big malty flavor, but it isn't cloying in the slightest. I just love this beer. It unfortunately gets me in trouble because I have a habit of drinking it like it's going out of style, but that's another story.

My Fiance and I had been planning a trip up to Northern California to tour Sierra Nevada, Russian River, and any other breweries we had time for (Lagunitas, Bear Republic, etc). It just so happened that US Airways had some disgustingly cheap flights ($80 round trip from PHX) during the second week Younger was to be released. Seemed sort of like destiny.

Three Floyd's doesn't distribute out west, but with all the hype around Zombie Dust, I've wanted to try it for some time. I did get to sample their beers at GABF in 2011, but they didn't have ZD at the booth. The beers I did try were fantastic, so I'm left to assume that the hype around Zombie Dust is merited. As such, I've had a ZD Clone on my to-brew list for awhile now. This isn't a clone post though. There are a few ZD clone recipes floating around, and while I have my own inclinations, I've never tried the beer. The popular one on HBT looks damn, damn close, so don't be surprised that this looks similar.

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