I've been wanting to brew a Chocolate Coffee Stout for awhile now, but especially since getting my hands on some amazing coffee. Late last year, my fiance found some incredible coffee from a shop called Old Bisbee Roasters. This guy doesn't roast the coffee until you buy it, and since Bisbee is only a few hours from Phoenix, we get the coffee the next day. Anyway, he occasionally gets this one variety, Bali Blue Krishna, and let me tell you, it's like heaven on earth. I had to brew a beer with it.


I'm not sure if too many people noticed, but there's a new tab on the top of my blog called Temp Monitor. Using a Raspberry Pi, I'm able to monitor my fermentation temperatures in real-time from anywhere, and I'm pretty flipping giddy about it. The values on the page auto-update every 15 seconds, and the graphs will update with every page-refresh. I figured this would be a cool idea for a writeup, so here it is.

West-Coast Amber Ale is one of my favorite styles of beer. They're big, malty, hoppy, but most importantly, drinkable; what's not to like? Since I have a pitch of Chico-like yeast ready to pitch, it seemed like a great time to brew another batch of my Amber Ale. I'm brewing nearly the same recipe as last time, only making a color adjustment, and a few hop tweaks. I'm swapping out Centennial/Amarillo for Falconer's Flight at the 10 minute addition (just to use up some 2011 FF). I did want to play with the dry hop schedule a bit, so I employed the dry hopping test method we talked about here. I used Sierra Nevada Pale Ale instead of Bud Light, which worked fabulously well. I dosed four bottles, each with it's own dry hop ratio.

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