My Fiance and I are moving a few miles down the road, and our current condo is up for rent. We're starting to pack things up, and that unfortunately includes all my brewing gear. I still have a few beers in the pipeline, so you'll see a couple posts in the coming month or two. Although after that, expect a bit of a lull, as I won't be brewing much in the next 4-6 weeks.

On the bright side, our new place has a two car garage, backyard, and back porch, so brewing will be much, much easier. I have to admit, I won't miss brewing in this tiny condo. Anyway, stay tuned, I've got some fun stuff on the way.

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  1. Have you finished with the move? It would be a smart thing if you have a moving checklist with you. That way, things would stay organized all throughout the three moving phases – before, during, and after. It’ll also be easier for you to imagine what actually living in your new place feels like.

    Delaine ^.^


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