Three Floyd's doesn't distribute out west, but with all the hype around Zombie Dust, I've wanted to try it for some time. I did get to sample their beers at GABF in 2011, but they didn't have ZD at the booth. The beers I did try were fantastic, so I'm left to assume that the hype around Zombie Dust is merited. As such, I've had a ZD Clone on my to-brew list for awhile now. This isn't a clone post though. There are a few ZD clone recipes floating around, and while I have my own inclinations, I've never tried the beer. The popular one on HBT looks damn, damn close, so don't be surprised that this looks similar.

I've almost used up my 2011 hop crop, but I still have around a pound of 2011 Citra to use. With that in the back of my mind, and a yeast cake of WLP002 from my recent bitter, this seemed like as good of time as any to brew 10 gallons of an inspired-by-ZD IPA. As my plans often do, I changed my mind slightly. I bought 8oz of the new hot hop Mosaic, and I'm dying to see what It's dry hop character is like. So the plan now is to brew something similar to Zombie Dust, with Citra as the flavor and aroma hops. I'll split the batch into two fermenters, dry hop one heavily with Citra, and the other heavily with Mosaic. We'll be able to drink the beers side-by-side, and get a good feel for how Mosaic works in a fruity IPA.

I should write a few notes on my recipe formulation.  This recipe is mostly what I feel FFFs brews. I'm going to mash at 150*, possibly for a little longer than 60 minutes. 1.013-1.014 is my target FG, and that should get me there. I don't think that FFFs uses Citra for bittering, but I'm pretty sure it's used everywhere else. One fermenter will be all Citra, and the other gets equal dry hop additions of Mosaic. Please note that this wasn't meant to be a spot-on clone, as I took some creative liberties (Hop extract, hopping schedule, etc)

Some brew days are just destined to be a mess, and unfortunately, this was one of them. I suppose I set my self up by brewing 10 gallons on a week night, but hindsight is 20/20. Anyway, it started off innocently enough. I grabbed a Ruthless Rye, put on some tunes and got to work.

While getting everything ready for this batch, I had to clean and sanitize a keg to then keg one batch so that I could harvest yeast for this batch. I also set aside extra yeast for a Union Jack clone that I'll be brewing in around a week. Somewhere around this time, my first blunder happened: I forgot to add moy usual addition of Acid Malt (2%) to the grist. Then, I mashed in too warm (154*). Although,  I was able to quickly bring the mash down to 150* by recirculating, and adding a couple ice cubes. Just doing too many things at once, I suppose...

Kristen wasn't feeling well when she got home from work, so I had to throw dinner together while sparging and boiling. Between running back and forth between the kitchen and the back porch, I forgot to add whirlfloc to the kettle, which I didn't realize until the batch was almost cooled. It finally hit me when I noticed the lack of cold break. Oh well. Despite the mishaps, this should still be a good beer, albeit a cloudy one. My hydrometer samples post boil are usually crystal clear, and as you can see in this photo, this is more than a little turbid. Anyway, I chilled to 64F, oxygenated both fermenters, and set them in the fridge at 64*.

Brewed: 01-16-13
Dry Hopped:01-22-13
Kegged: 01-30-13
FG: 1.014
ABV: 6.7%
IBU: 60
12 Gallons

23lbs 2-Row
2lb Munich
1lb English Crystal
1lb Melanoidin
Mash @ 150*
13ml Hop Extract @ 60
5oz Citra @ 15
5oz Citra @ 0
Dry Hop 1
1.5oz Citra (FV2: Mosaic)
Dry Hop 2
1.5oz Citra (FV2: Mosaic)
WLP002 - English Ale Yeast - Repitched from Bitter

I added the first round of dry hops into the primary when the SG was around 1.018. I let those sit for 4 days before racking both beers to secondary, and adding the second round of dry hops. Those sat on the beer for another 4 days before I cold crashed, kegged, and fined both beers. Right out of the fermenters, it was already obvious the difference in aromas between the two beers. I still find it pretty amazing how the same wort can taste almost completely different with only a different dry hop.

Anyway, as I figured, this beer is very cloudy; literally the the haziest beer I've ever brewed. I'm a little disappointed, but I'm getting over that. As hard as it is to wrap my head around, I can't taste the haze, so let's talk about how it turned out:

Citra Version:
If this is what Zombie Dust tastes like (and I assume I'm very close), I like it a lot. Huge nose of mango and lime. There could very well be some yeast-driven esters, but if so, they are lost in the mix. I find Citra can get sharp or catty when used too heavily, so I'm very surprised that it's so smooth and clean in this beer. The flavor mostly all Citra. The malt character from the Munich and Melanodin is there, but not dominating. There's a moderate bitterness that helps the beer finish crisp. The alcohol is completely cloaked. I understand why they call it a Pale Ale. Citra can lend a perceived sweetness, and it drinks really well. Great beer. I wish I had remembered Whirlfloc so I didn't have to drink it with my eyes closed =p

Mosaic Version:
Surprisingly, the more aromatic of two. Explosive oily hop aroma with a big berry note coming though. It smells like Citra and Simcoe made love in a blueberry patch. Perfect hop for a beer like this. The esters, hop aroma, and malt character all blend together fantastically. It was a little sharp (read:catty) at first, but that faded after 4-5 days. I'm getting a little more grungy character than the Citra had, but it's welcome. I'd say this version tastes more like an IPA, since the perceived bitterness is higher. I find it funny how just a different dry hop can change perceived bitterness in the same wort. Anyway, also a fantastic beer. I'm going to bring this version to a lifting meet at East Valley Crossfit. I'll just be sure serve it in opaque cups.

Overall, I've very happy with this split-dry-hop experiment. Neither beer tastes like a single hop IPA, as both have a big, complex hop aroma and flavor. I'll definitely be brewing one (or both) of these again, although hopefully I remember the Irish Moss next time =)


  1. Nice - Zombie Dust is a great beer. The only other FFF beer I've had is Robert the Bruce, which is also a great beer. I brewed a clone attempt in December and it's definitely in the same ballpark. I'm brewing something close to the HBT clone of ZD in March.

    I just picked up some Mosaic - how do you think it would play with Galaxy and Amarillo? Thinking a late hopped Centennial/Amarillo/Mosaic/Galaxy/Citra IPA might be in my future...

    1. Those should all work well together. Expect it to be super fruity.

  2. Love you blog. Send me your address and I will get a zombie out to you. Drinking one now. Jerry

    1. Sorry, Blogger picked up this comment as spam, I just now saw it. That would be awesome!

      Drop me an email at I'll send you back a bottle of something tasty!

  3. Awesome post, too bad about the whirlfloc. btw did you get around to looking at the recipe I posted in the enjoy by post?

    1. Ya, that looks like a great beer. Should be fairly malty, without being cloying. I might brew it at some point.

    2. Cool! It would be interesting too see someone outside of sweden brew this beer. I for one havent ever seen anyone brewed "Drakens DIPA" anywhere else :)

  4. I did Mosaic IPA (6 gallons batch) with 1oz of Chinook for bittering and 1oz Mosaic at 15 min
    , 4 oz Mosaic at 5 min and dry hopping 6oz mosaic for a week.

    It went strong blackcurrant and blueberry notes with some caty/petroleum/thyme taste.

    It is a very interesting hop and I will use it in the future. Still thinking about good hop pairing for Mosaic.

    1. Ya, it's a very nice hop. I can definitely see where you get the blackcurrant/catty notes. I like the hop though. It's got some great potential.

  5. I've just ordered 8 oz of Mosaic, along with 4 each of Citra, Chinook, and Columbus. Have never brewed with either Citra or Mosaic. Was thinking about a SMASH beer but while I want to taste/smell the new hops, I do want to make an enjoyable, great-tasting beer. Thinking about late boil Citra and dryhopping with Mosaic. Do you think it would simply make for a fruit bomb, or does the Citra offer more than citrus? Any pine?

    1. Citra is very fruit, and mainly tropical. Mosaic has all sorts of stuff going on. Both are rather oily though, so they work better in a single-hopped beer than say, Amarillo would.

      I did that exact combo (Citra in the boil, all mosaic dry hop), and it turned out really well. I'd recommend trying it.

  6. Hi. Just found your blog and am now losing too many hours engrossed.....Really enjoying myself. Can't wait to try some of your recipes.
    I have a question on the hop extract that you use. Hopshot is ~ 1ML -> 10 IBUs. Yours must be much more dilute (if you're putting 13ml in this batch). What is the IBU contribution rate? This will help converting your recipe to traditional bitterring hop additions.
    Thanks, and keep brewing and writing.

    1. Don't trust the IBU calculations for hop extract. 5ml of hop extract equates to 1oz of a 10% hop (10AAU). This was a 10gal batch, so 6.5ml of hop extract is basically the same as 1oz Citra @ 60min.

  7. I recently did a Mosaic IPA with a hop steep of 1 oz Mosaic, 2 oz Simcoe, and 1 oz Falconer's Flight. I also did 3 dry hops consisting of a total of 3 oz Mosaic, 1 oz Simcoe, and 1 oz Falconer's Flight. I got a massive tangerine/clementine flavor and aroma from this beer. It was awesome, but not exactly what I expected. I'm thinking the tangerine came from the mosaic. What do you think? I'm doing a single hop rye with mosaic soon, so I guess that will confirm/deny my assumptions.

  8. Question about a pic here. The shot of the boil kettle with the tubing in the grain bag.....are you syphoning out the wort in order to keep hops, etc out of fermenter?? Just curious. THANKS!!!

    1. I recirculate the wort out the valve through the pump and counterflow, then back into the top of the kettle. For hoppier beers, I stick the outlet hose into a grain bag to catch as much of the hops as I can.

      I'll then remove that bag full of hop debris once it's chilled.

  9. I made 10 gallons bittered with 50/50 Chinook/Mosaic then Mosaic late additions. Today I added 4oz Citra dryhop to one fermentor and 2oz Mosaic to the other.
    I mashed at around 152 and used WLP001. First 10 gal batch can't wait til it's in bottles. cheers!

  10. This was my first 10 gallon batch. I not only split the batch with different dry hops, but different yeasts as well. Batch 1 (1968) was dry hopped with 4 oz Citra and 1 oz Simcoe. Batch 2 (WLP002) was dry hopped with 3 oz Mosaic, 1 oz Simcoe and 1 oz Citra.

    To me Batch 2 tasted a little sweeter with greater complexity and was overall more enjoyable, but both are really great. This was my first time using Citra and I was fortunate to avoid the cat piss smell I've read about.


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