I suppose it's fitting my inaugural post is about my favorite style of beer, a Double IPA. Some people like to call them all Imperial IPAs, but personally I think there is a difference between Doubles and Imperials. I think of Doubles as bigger, hoppier IPAs, but still dry and not overly-malty. I think of Imperials as big malty hoppy IPAs. Maybe I'm crazy, but that's my belief on the nomenclature. Anyway... Here's my most recent Double IPA, the Furry Penguin:


Brewed: 10-24-11
Secondary/dry hopped: 11-7-11
Kegged: 11-15-11
ABV: 8.5%
IBU: ?!?!!?

Recipe is calculated for 6 gallons due to wort loss from the hops (72% eff)
13.5lbs 2-row
8oz Victory
8oz Crystal 40L
1lb Dextrose
Mash @ 148-149* F

3.25oz Warrior(17.1%) @ 90
1oz Citra @ 30
2oz Simcoe/Centennial @ 15 (1oz each)
4oz Simcoe/Citra/Amarillo @ 0 (2oz Simcoe, 1oz ea Citra/Amarillo)

WLP007 - Dry English Ale yeast. Love this yeast for IPAs: it ferments clean, fast, and drops super clear, super quick. Fermented at 62F for 6 days, then raised the temp to 68F for 8 more days to help the yeast finish up.

Dry Hops:
Racked to secondary then:
4oz Amarillo/Citra/Centennial/CTZ (1oz each) for 5 days
3oz Amarillo/Citra/Simcoe (1oz each) Added day 5 for 4 more days
Rack to bottling bucket/keg on day 9 in the secondary.

The recipe for this beer started off as something close to Pliny, and evolved into the recipe above. I love using Amarillo, Simcoe, and Citra together, especially for dry hopping.

Tasting Notes: Aroma is heavy citrus and tropical fruit with lots of oily, resiny character. Taste is more of the same. A little malt sweetness up front, then boom: Hops. Finish is dry and bitter, but the bitterness isn't harsh and doesn't linger.

It also just took first and scored a 43 at a BJCP competition which is my highest score to date!

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