Here's what else is on tap at my house right now. A crisp blonde ale. Blonde Ales are a little out of season considering the weather is cooling off, but for Sunday football, there's not much better. This is a beer that can be consumed in volume! It's dry, crisp, malty, just a hint of hops, and very, very drinkable.

Amarillo Blonde

Brewed: 10-16-11
Kegged: 10-30-11
OG: 1.051
FG: 1.010

Recipe is calculated for 6 gallons(84% eff)
8lbs 2-row
8oz Vienna
8oz Crystal 10L
Mash @ 150*

.75oz Centennial @ 60min
.25oz Amarillo @ 20min
.25oz Amarillo @ 0min

Safale US-05 - American Ale Yeast. Fermented at 62F for 4 days, then 68F for 3 more.

This beer is a huge hit with the light-lager crowd. It's smooth, malty, with a dry crisp finish. Personally, I wish this beer had a little more hop aroma, but that's possibly just because I'm a hop head. I do realize the pumpkin in the picture is a little outdated with the christmas season now here, but oh well..


  1. I think I am going to add this beer to my 'to-brew' list. Sounds yummy! I really enjoy your site, well written and clean layout. I found your site searching for info on fining with gelatin and have been finding much other useful info too! I have been home brewing for about 6 years in Minnesota. I'm also a photographer and I love the photos on your site! Nicely done!

    Some of my brewing related photography:

    1. You've got some very nice shots there. Good luck with the Blonde Ale, it turns out very well for me. I've also brewed it with 100% Centennial and 100% Amarillo, either turns out great.

  2. Alright so I've been using a few of your recipes as guidelines for my own personal brewing adventures, adjusting to my palate preferences and local availability along the way and I've always come up short on my gravity. Now I see this at 84% and I know why. Your method of mashing must be a well oiled machine. Keep it up man, I love your stuff.


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