I purchased a bunch of hops in bulk this fall from the 2011 harvest, and I just finally got around to breaking them down into 4oz packs. If there are any hop-heads out there that don't buy hops in bulk, you should strongly consider it. Pick up a foodsaver and some vacuum bags because the savings are huge. After shipping I paid an average of 81 cents per ounce. This years hop harvest smells absolutely incredible: very oily, fragrant, and pungent. Looks like it's going to be a very hoppy 2012 at my house!

Here's the rundown:
2lbs Amarillo
2lbs Centennial
2lbs Citra
2lbs Simcoe
1.5lb Warrior
1lb Styrian Golding
1lb EKG
12oz HBC 342
8oz Cascade

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