Whew! Yesterday was a busy, exhausting, but fun day. Woke up very sore for Friday's crossfit workout, ran some errands, then played golf at noon. Grabbed a quick bite at five and took off to Greg's to brew a Robust Porter. Got home around 10:45 feeling absolutely beat, but productive.

This recipe is my first Porter, so hopefully it turns out well. I got lazy this week, and didn't make a starter for my harvested WLP007, so I pitched a pack and a half of US05 instead. Oh well. This recipe, like my last batch, is one of Jamil's Zainasheff's. I took a little artistic license, but it's pretty similar. I have been looking for a recipe to showcase willamette hops, and this looked perfect.

Brewed: 01-21-12
OG: 1.063

Recipe is calculated for 6 gallons(82% eff)
10lbs 2-row
1lb Munich
1lb Crystal 40
6oz Chocolate Malt
6oz Pale Chocolate Malt
6oz Black Patent
Mash @ 152*
.7oz Warrior @ 90min
1oz Willamette @ 10min
1oz Willamette @ 0min
1oz Willamette - Dry hopped
Safale US-05 - American Ale Yeast. Fermented at 62F

The wort from the hydro sample taste exactly as I hopped it would. I'm definitely looking forward to this beer being on tap. It's going to be a long 5 weeks.

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