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This weekend I brewed a foreign extra stout. This is my first attempt at brewing this style, so I'm fairly eager to see how it turns out. Equally as exciting, I finished building a counter-flow chiller, and it made it's maiden voyage on this batch. Where has a counter-flow been all my life! I recirculated wort back into the kettle, and in about 7 minutes it brought the entire batch down to 120* using hose water to cool. Once I switched the cooling water to recirculating ice water, the wort was coming out at 60*, which I pumped directly into the fermenter. The entire batch was chilled in about 15 minutes; I'm very impressed.

The recipe is mostly based on Jamil's FES from Brewing Classic Styles. I made a couple of tweaks, but they were fairly minor:

6 gallons
14lbs Marris Otter
12oz Roasted Barley
8oz Chocolate Malt
8oz Crystal 40
4oz Crystal 120
4oz Special B
Mash @ 153*
0.75oz Warrior @ 60
2.25oz East Kent Golding @ 60
WLP007 - Dry English Ale Yeast, fermented at 64*

OG: 1.079
Target FG: 1.016-1.017

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