Sam Adams glass for reference
Lots of people will tell you that specific glassware can enhance the beer drinking experience. I'm not a beer snob, but I will admit that a snifter really does help capture the aroma of a beer. And considering I drink a boat load of hoppy beers, this is a good thing.

Most nights, I often don't want a full pint of beer, rather I just want to taste one of my beer to see how it's coming along. The snifters I've seen online hold 12oz or more, and just aren't practical for me. Many breweries use little 4-5oz snifters for tastings, but I couldn't seem to find them for sale indivudually. They sell online for around $30 shipped for a case of 12 (not a bad deal), but I don't exactly need 12. So last night after dinner, my girlfriend and I were perusing a little glass shop in downtown Chandler, and low-and-behold they had the perfect little glasses! Then I saw the price - 4 glasses for $5. Sold!

While I'll admit, they do look a little snobby and douchey, these are still pretty freaking sweet glasses, and the perfect size too!

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