Today was an absolutely perfect day in Phoenix, 70* and sunny; hard to beat that for February. With the Super Bowl tomorrow, today was also a great day to squeeze in a brew day.

Last week I finally broke down and bought a Thermapen, and this was the first time I used it. I have to say, it's so damn cool. I can't believe I waited to buy one as long as I did. It reads within 1* of the actual temp in 3 seconds or less, and it's accurate to +/- 0.1*. Needless to say, I was like a kid on christmas. If anyone else out there is unhappy with their current thermometer, buy one of these, you won't be sorry.

Back to the beer.... Today's batch was an American Amber Ale. I brewed this to be much hoppier, and bigger than the typical amber ale, but not quite as hoppy or big as the huge 'West Coast Ambers'. The OG came in at 1.060, exactly where I planned, and the wort tastes really good. Short of any massive fermentation issues, this should be a really nice beer. This batch is the first in the series of three hoppy beers I'm brewing. Up next is the Furry Penguin Double IPA, and a nice little hoppy pale ale. On to the recipe:

6 gallons
10.5lbs 2-row
1lb Munich
1lb Crystal 60
8oz Crystal 120
Mash @ 152*
0.75oz Warrior (17% AA) @ 60
0.5oz Centennial @ 10
0.5oz Amarillo @ 10
1oz Centennial @ 0
1oz Amarillo @ 0
Dry Hop - 1oz Citra
Safale US-05 - fermented at 62*F

OG: 1.060
Target FG: 1.013-1.014


  1. Hi Scott, What if you boil it for 90 min instead of 60 min, wouldn't you get a deeper richer red color from the boil itself?

    1. It would, but I'm lazy, and if I can shave 30min off my brew day by adding an extra ounce of chocolate malt, I will. I usually only do 90min boils for beers I need higher efficency from


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